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She delt with a woman who made us feel like it was an…. The Michaels store at The Grove is very good. It carries a wide range of products with great customer service. The employees here are very…. From Business: Jerry's Proudly serving artists since ! Thank you for choosing Jerry's for purchasing your art supplies. Love the painting party theme! So easy to do. Had lots of fun at my first paint party event. No experience!

You pick a design and step by step…. AirBrush DesignsWe have the best artists that can design anything you want.

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Customer Service. The managers don't typically handle stress well and despite hard work and dedication it feels as though your best efforts are never appreciated.

Ariat military discount code, Ever forward promo code

The hours are all over the place, inconsistent and not conducive to a living wage. Its a nice place the people that good there the manager's the leads are awsome people good benefits ans always your 40 hours and always have good deals. Fun place to work. With the lower than average pay per hour, lack of any benefits and no chance of ever being a full time employee.

For somebody actually adulting, this job will not be enough to live an above poverty level life style. Productive But Very Stressful. Just a horrible year.

Whoever has taken the CEO position has drastically hurt the morale in stores. He has cut payroll and raised expectations higher with more paperwork and taskings with unreal expectations if you are cutting hours payroll budget but yet raising planned sales in stores. First few years were great attainable goals for the most part. Did not make all goals but made all but one accomplished something just to be torn down by a partial reviewcontributed positive results.

Tan2day promo code

I adore the crew and everyone there, it truly felt like a family. The pay was terrible and the hours are based on how many rewards sign ups you get, which sucks because you can't force people to sign up for a coupon spam email. Hours should be based on hard work and dependability, period. Raises aren't really a thing, maybe 10 cents a year. This is a good place to work if you're a high school student or just want some extra cash. Not good to work here if you actually need money and hours. Typical Retail. Michaels is a typical retail job. There is more work to do than time to get it done.

High expectations with minimal pay. Everybody was friendly and helpful as possible, but job demand compared to paying scale is not for me. The worst.

Michaels Davenport FL - Coupons, Promo Codes, Weekly Ads

They pay you so little, but expect you to do so much in return. Management is bad, our hours are too. Kid crafting classes were fun. I had a wonderful store and operation management team. I loved my job there until it coincided with my life as a single mother.

I was unable to work enough hours to have medical benefits. Depends on who you work under. I worked two years at Michaels. The corporate office often threw curve balls at you will excessive coupon usage that often contradicted each other, so be prepared to be screamed at about coupons. I was often told the promotion offers work like a horizontal ladder here. Raises are based on promotions, and also you get one areound every year. That also depends on your assesment as a sales associate, etc.

Other than that, this place is kind of like a small family. They often told me that the promot. Work-life balance just not there. Micromanaged by corporate.

Poor management. Managers are cold and rude, but put up a front to keep you there, because in truth, they need you more than you need them. They only help out who they consider to be their favorites, they show favoritism.

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Maybe it was just my store but best place to work my backend. Hot mess. There a ZERO benefits and the way they keep cost down is having a bunch of new people and everyone splits the day into 4 hours shifts.

Planning a trip to Tampa?

People were highly annoying. Fast - paced, lifted boxes, hard working, great place to work just not many benefits besides a discount. Unloaded and loaded trucks, stocked the store.

Michaels Pay & Benefits reviews

Is a good job if you don't want to work too many hours. I need more hours then what they are giving. People that work there are very nice and they will help you when needed.